Monday, November 24, 2014

Designing Software for Low-Literacy Adults

Developing Design Recommendations for Computer Interfaces Accessible to Illiterate Users

A Review on User Interface Design Principles to Increase Software Usability for Users with less Computer Literacy

ALEX©: a mobile adult literacy experiential learning application 

Designing for Low-Literacy Adults

Interface Design Guidelines for Users of All Ages


Intro to Adult Literacy

Intro to Adult Literacy Technology

Speech Enabled E-Learning for Adult Literacy Tutoring 
(Cork Institute of Technology) -- send them an email

Designing a Mobile Transcriber Application for Adult Literacy Education: A Case Study

Implications of New Learning Technologies for Adult Literacy and Learning

5 iPad apps for Adult Literacy

A Literature Review of the Best Available Evidence about Effective Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Language Teaching (Long, but interesting)

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