Thursday, September 6, 2012

eLearning and Communities

Beyond formal learning: Informal community eLearning

Learning Networks: connecting people, organizations, autonomous agents and learning resources to establish the emergence of effective lifelong learning

Pearls of wisdom: Social capital building in informal learning environments

Learning in Synch with Life: New Models, New Processes

Collaborative Learning: A Connected Community Approach

Adult, Community and Work Based Learning: e- learning

Creating Cirlces of Influence: Transforming Educational Communities

Necessary aspects of quality in eLearning systems

eLearning is Not Knowledge Management$FILE/ELearning%20is%20Not%20Knowledge%20Management.pdf

eLearning Frameworks: a survey

Combining ITS and eLearning Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges

Evaluation as Impetus for Innovations in Elearning – Applying Personas to the Design of Community Functions

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