Thursday, September 6, 2012

Soundscapes and Learning

Exploring Multimedia Soundscapes in Environmental Education

A Comparison of Feedback Cues for Enhancing Pointing Efficiency in Interaction with Spatial Audio Displays

Integrating CALL into the classroom: the role of podcasting in an ESL listening strategies course

A Look at the Research on Computer-Based Technology Use in Second Language Learning: Review of Literature from 1990-2000

Psychoacoustics and its Benefit for the Soundscape Approach

Designing educational experiences using ubiquitous technology

The Sounding Object

The Use of Oral Computer-mediated Communication: Adding a New Dimension to FL Teaching and Learning

Computational soundscape analysis based on a human-like auditory processing model

Using Classroom Amplification in a Universal Design Model to Enhance Hearing and Listening

Aquarium Sonification: Soundscapes For Accessible Dynamic Informal Learning Environments

SoundScapes: Non-formal learning potentials from Interactive VEs

Voices in the Forest: Sounds, Soundscapes and Interface Design

The effectiveness of educational podcasts for teaching music and visual arts in higher education

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